Friday, February 23, 2018
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Mission “Founded on the Holy Family Spirit ‘God Alone’ inspired with human, social, cultural and spiritual values which mould into exemplary women who are ready to face challenges of TOMORROW through EDUCATION.”
Vision  “We aim at developing balanced and creative personnel with the feminine qualities highlighting purity, loyalty, truth and charity elevating the intellectual powers to the best of their abilities and thus to render a service witnessing that “Unity is strength”.  
Glory to God Alone


Mother Xavier of Holy Family Convent Jaffna sent 6 sisters to find a convent of the Holy Family at Kurunegala on 29th of August 1870.  The Parish Priest and Parishioners welcomed them warmly when the six Irish sisters arrived at Kurunegala on 8th of September, 1870, The six Irish sisters founded Holy Family Convent in Kurunegala.  They were assisted at Benediction in the Parish Church, and they had their first meal in the Mission House.


The First six Irish Sisters who founded Holy Family Convent were;

1.       Sr. M. Joseph

2.       Sr. M. Stanislaus

3.       Sr. M. Josephine

4.       Sr. M. Pauline

5.       Sr. Marie

6.       Sr. M. Justina

Mother M. Josephine Bastide Took charge of the new community in November, 1870.  The first building of the school was located where the Kurunegala Post Office stands today.  Classes began in this building.  Sisters lived in two houses, one was then known as Daniel’s House.  By 1871, classes in both English & Sinhala medium had begun.  The total number of students were 42. When visited by the school inspectors, they promised to get the school approved, because there were more than 40 students. The subjects taught were music, painting, needle work, English and French.

The Founder of the school 

In 1872, Archbishop Bonjean paid his first visit to the new community.  In June of the same year, the Director of Education visited the school and a government school with its furniture was handed over to the sisters.  A piece of land was bought (where the present school stands).  Plans were made immediately to work for the new school.  By December 1873, sisters went to the new Convent building and in 1870s the new boarders were received. 

In June 1876, the Grotto of our Lady of Lourdes statue was presented by Rev. Fr. Duffo O.M.I. and it was inaugurated in the school premises.  The statue of the sacred heart arrived from France.

The Sinhala School was built in 1882.  In 1886 orphans were given a more spacious residence.  Boys up to age 10 were also allowed to come to the sisters’ school. In1988 June, there were 116 children in the mixed Sinhalese school.  The wok done was satisfactory.

In 1900, TWO pupils got through the Junior Cambridge which was a big event.  In 1902 & 1904 TWO pupils got through the Senior Cambridge & TWO Junior Cambridge which made the school more proud.  Mother Helene Winters was the Superior from 1902 to 1905 who was very good at Music, Painting and flower making. 


Principal of the English School, Mother Ambrose was sent to open a school in Bambalapitiya in 1903 which was a big loss, but Mother Du Carmel replaced her.  She was assisted by Sr. M. Anastasia who was also very good at Music and singing.   In 1910, Sr. M. Stanislaus Quin one of the founderesses of Kurunegala Convent DIED !!!. 

Our sincere gratitude to the builders in knowledge and Virtue………



If today, Holy Family Convent is an institution we may well be proud of, it is due to the zeal and devotion of illustrious and inspiring leaders who were fired with a holy enthusiasm to serve their Devine Master through their fellow – men.  They brought to their labours their Holy Founder’s spirit self – abnegation and immense love for humanity.  We salute you, dear sisters, our predecessors and guides.  You were builders of souls, builders, of a nation’s womanhood, builders for eternity! We shall endeavor to live up to your noble ideals now and always.



Mother Celeste Marchal

Mother St. Praxede

Mother M. Leonide

Mother Marie Helene

Mother M. Loyola Mendis

Mother Bernadette Fernando

Sister Louisa

Sister Josephine

Sister Conice

Sister Euphrasia Rodrigo

Sister Kumuduni Dasanayake


1870 – 1880         Mother M. Josephine Bastide

1880 – 1883         Mother Celeste Marchal

1883 – 1888         Mother M. Nativity

1888 – 1892         Mother St. Suzanne

1892 – 1911         Mother M. Helene Winters

1911 – 1919         Mother M. Domitilla

1919 – 1926         Mother Rose De Lima

1926 – 1931         Mother M. Sebastian

1931 – 1933         Mother M. Victorine

1933 – 1937         Mother Aquinas Flynn

1937 – 1949         Mother Mary of Jesus

1949 – 1952         Mother Annunciation

1952 – 1958         Mother M. Casimir

1958 – 1965         Mother Aquinas O’Neill

1965 - 1974          Mother M. Raphael

1974 – 1978         SSister Steren Mary

1978 – 1982         Sister Francis

1982 – 1985         Sister Annie Mary

1985 – 1988         Sister Yves Marie

1989 – 1996         Sister Berlinda

1996 – 2000         Sister Yves Marie

2000 -                    Sister Amelia

Our Principals

1870 – 1880 – Mother M. Josephine

1880 – 1886 – Sr. M. Stanislaus

1886 – 1903 – Mother M. Ambrose

1903 – 1911 – Sr. M. Carmel

1911 – 1931 – Sr. M. Brenda

1931 – 1937 – Mother Aquinas Flynn

1937 – 1965 – Mother Aquinas O’Neil

1965 – 1976 – Sr. M. Raphael

1977 – 1988 – Sr. Yves Marie Cadados

1988 – 1996 – Sr. Ida Perera

1996 – 2003 – Sr. Henrieta Perera

2003 onwards – Sr. Sriyani Rodrigo


HFC Kurunegala netball champsHoly Family Convent, Kurunegala Under-18 Netball team receive their championship for the year 2010 at the awards ceremony.

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